How To Show Up

  • #ShowYourSole

    Like the soles of our shoes, mental health is something we cannot always see. It often goes unnoticed, and we are working to change that through our #ShowYourSole initiative.

    We’re proudly painting our soles and showing up for Mental Health! And we’re asking you to do the same in solidarity with our goal to raise awareness and funds for those who are suffering with mental health issues.

    Want to step into the conversation and be a part of making a real difference?

    Paint the soles of your shoes, then take a picture & share it on social media.

    Use #ShowYourSole to be part of the growing and important conversation around mental health.

  • Donate

    CMHA Waterloo Wellington, Carizon and Lutherwood have come together with a shared vision to raise funds for mental wellness and provide training, treatment, and community support to those in need.

    It is estimated that 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

    We believe that greater mental health awareness empowers individuals to pay the same attention to their mental health as they do their physical health.

    The more resources and services that we can make available to those in need, the more we can ensure a more mentally healthy Waterloo Region.

  • Fundraise

    Feel like putting your creative hat on? There’s never been a better opportunity to put some brilliant minds together to raise funds for Mental Health.

    Whether you’re an inspired individual or a large corporation, there are ways to get involved.

    Interested in hosting your own fundraiser?

  • Company Involvement

    Become a Corporate Sponsor or Get Your Company Involved

    Creating a workplace environment that fosters mental wellness requires a purposeful commitment from organizational leaders. Make this happen in your organization by engaging in our #ShowYourSole Campaign.

    You will receive a comprehensive tool-kit with everything you need to engage your employees and implement company initiatives to become a #ShowYourSole advocate in your community.

    We offer opportunities for large-scale partnerships that create awareness around the need for increased mental health resources.

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