here’s how you can show your sole

Like the soles of our shoes, we cannot always see mental health issues in ourselves and others.

Taking care of our mental health and discovering our own resiliency is even more important during COVID-19. That resiliency will help us to care for ourselves and others.

The first step to good mental health is self-care. We have created a place to find support, information, and guidance to help us navigate this ‘new and temporary’ normal.

Support #ShowYourSole and help make resources and services available to those facing mental health needs where and when they need it most.

CMHA WW, Carizon and Lutherwood have come together with a shared vision to raise funds for mental wellness and provide training, treatment, and community support to those in need.

Help us reach our goal to raise $2,000,000 by 2022.

Dave and Courtney Chilton
Author and Entrepreneur